“The question of whether or not to release equity in their homes is one that many retired people are considering more and more as each month passes, it seems.  

Some need to raise funds for their children or grandchildren to get on the housing ladder, some are looking for ways to reduce a potential IHT liability, some want to improve the home, but for some, it`s just a question of an easier lifestyle in retirement. Whatever the reason, more people than ever are taking out a lifetime mortgage – releasing value held up in their homes as...



Touchstone Sussex - Testimonials

“What we like about Touchstone is that they help us with our savings, making sure they are invested in the most tax-efficient way for us and with the best chance for achieving our plans for the future.

Tony is never pushy with us and explains everything, so we can easily understand what he`s recommending."

Sarah Barker & Sharon Blayney - Feb `18

Ramsgate, Kent


“I have used Touchstone for many years for sorting out my pensions and planning my retirement for me and what I like is that they have...